Racial Traits
+2CHA, +1CON
Bluff +10%, Insight -5%, Sing -5%
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
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Society: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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Alignment and Religion: Like most of their mothers, half-harpies struggle with inner demons and temptation to abuse their potential influence over others. Some succeed, some fail. Also, their oddness and rarity means they generally don’t blend in well with other humanoids. Chaotic neutral is the most common alignment, though only on average. As far as religions go, to some half-harpies they are a place they can escape from the pressures of the world. To others, they are just another potential source of rejection.

Adventurers: Your appearance doesn’t matter if you are quick with blade or spell, or so many half-harpies hope. In the company of misfits, their oddness stands out less.