Minotaurs are mighty and tough creatures who have trouble expressing themselves, especially to average humanoids.
Racial Traits
+1STR, +2CON, -2CHA, -1PSY, +2SIZ
Sense +20%
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Minotaurs are powerful, proud beings whose monstrous features and aggressive demeanor have garnered discrimination among other humanoid races. Only recently established as a civilized culture, the minotaur community has made great steps from its monstrous roots. Minotaurs are known for being bellicose and competitive, they are quick to contests of all sorts to prove their superiority over others. Their skills lie in physical might, combat and problem solving, rather than nebulous, delicate talents of art, music or writing. However, they do enjoy games, puzzles, and riddles, and are quite adept at navigating mazes. Minotaurs are the hopeful but stoic survivors of a monstrous and oft hated lineage.

Physical Description: Typical minotaurs stand noticeably taller than most humans and are generally more broad and powerful in physique, although some notably large minotaurs stand well above 8 feet in height. Minotaurs have the horned head of a bull, as well as thick, bipedal, ungulate legs. They have a tough hide with a light, furry coat variably covering their body. They have a strongly accented voice from their unique mouth construction, and tend to have a particularly strong smell.

Society: Although many minotaurs live as barbaric or animalistic beasts, there is a strong movement (begun in Minokos) which has encouraged the embrace of higher society and cultural exploration. Minotaurs maintain a loose tribal organization of clans with elders leading their communities, but most minotaurs believe in individual achievement over altruistic action. Minotaur art is generally rough or crude, and their music little more than low bellowing accompanied by drums.

Relations: Minotaurs view most other races with great suspicion, but rarely make judgement without good evidence. They regard humans with the most conviviality or intense hate, as they are often neighbors of varied opinions. Minotaurs see elves as strange, halflings as children and dwarves as pompous and untrustworthy. Gnomes are known among minotaurs as children of nature spirits, and often regard them as tiny gods or spirits, to be venerated or protected.

Alignment and Religion: Minotaurs have historically been vile, barbaric monsters, but current members of the race tend to be stoic and trustworthy. Most minotaurs are lawful neutral and worship Asterion, but Lamashtu is favored by the disenfranchised or outcast.

Adventurers: Adventuring and mercenary work comes naturally to minotaurs, who find themselves at home in dank dungeons and battling terrifying monsters alike. Minotaurs typically fall into the barbarian or fighter classes, however clerics and druids are respected leaders in minotaur communities.