While exotically alluring and preternaturally agile, harpies are fragile creatures with thin, weak bones.
Racial Traits
+1DEX, +1CHA, -2CON
Sing (any) +20%, Fly skill 4xDEX%
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
An extremely young and rare race, half-harpies are the aberrant spawn of the copulation of harpies and humans when a full-blooded harpy should be born (often followed by the human being devoured). Half-harpies see great adversity throughout their lives, as they are viewed seen as weaklings among harpies, monstrous among humanoids and rarely find others of their kind to commiserate with. They are charismatic and opportunistic given their lot, often falling into careers of larceny or novelty entertainment. Half-harpies find themselves adrift in a world beset against them and either embrace what friendship and joys they can find, or become bitter and cynical.

Physical Description: The half-harpy is an eerily beautiful creature, resembling a lithe, winged human with soft plumage colored in theme with its mother’s. Their eyes are large and avian, their hands and feet are marked by sharp, claw-like digits, and their heads are topped by human-like hair or long feathers. Half-harpies have particularly light-weight bodies because of their avian bones. Unlike their maternal lineage, the gender of half-harpies is not absolute.

Society: Far and few between, Half-harpies do not have anything like a unified culture, though they will seek out others of their kind if word reaches them. Most think themselves unique in the world.

Relations: Struggling to form lasting bonds with the other more populous races, half-harpies are most comfortable in the company of other half breeds, though will take any acceptance they can.

Alignment and Religion: Like most of their mothers, half-harpies struggle with inner demons and temptation to abuse their potential influence over others. Some succeed, some fail. Also, their oddness and rarity means they generally don’t blend in well with other humanoids. Chaotic neutral is the most common alignment, though only on average. As far as religions go, to some half-harpies they are a place they can escape from the pressures of the world. To others, they are just another potential source of rejection.

Adventurers: Your appearance doesn’t matter if you are quick with blade or spell, or so many half-harpies hope. In the company of misfits, their oddness stands out less.