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Wealth and Currency

Within the sprawling cities of Gaia, the standard unit of currency is a small coin of silver, most commonly known as an obol. Larger currencies of silver and gold are used as well, but generally reserved for large denominations. Outside towns and cities, barter is the most common way of doing business with hard currency incurring outright distrust. Gems and jewels are also acceptable currency, again, for prestigious transactions. It is very common for coins to be clipped, cut or altered to lower their value in some way.

Most cities mint their own coins, stamped with a likeness of their ruler or patron god, and various regions give different names for their currencies:

Hellas: obol, drachma (6 obols), stater (3 drachma), copper chalkoi (1/8 obol)

Assur: siqlu, gold daris (20 Siqloi)

Magna: quinari, denarius (2 quinarii), gold aureus (25 denarii)

Phoenicia: sheqel

Indos: rupyarupa ("rupee"), lead sisarupa (5 rupee), gold suvarnarupa (25 rupee), copper tamararupa (1/5 rupee)

A new character receives money depending on their background:

Background Starting Wealth
Agoge 4d6 x 75 Obols
Agrarian 4d6 x 25 Obols
Barbarian 4d6 x 50 Obols
Civilized 4d6 x 100 Obols
Mariner 4d6 x 75 Obols
Noble 4d6 x 500 Obols
Nomad 4d6 x 25 Obols
Slave 4d6 x CHA Obols
Brahmin 4d6 x 100 Rupees
Kshatriya 4d6 x 300 Rupees
Vaishya 4d6 x 75 Rupees
Shudra 4d6 x 50 Rupees

Selling TreasureEdit

Although not typically motivated by silver and gold, adventurers will sometimes come across treasure they want to trade for money. As a general rule of thumb, a character can sell items at a market for half their listed value. Sometimes it can be difficult to exchange treasure for pure coins, but traders can often find something else to barter with.

Trade GoodsEdit



1 chalkoi

One pound of wheat

2 chalkoi

One pound of flour, or one chicken

1 obol

One pound of iron

5 obol

One pound of copper

1 drachma

One pound of cinnamon, or one goat

2 drachmae

One pound of ginger or pepper, or one sheep

3 drachmae

One pig

4 drachmae

One square yard of linen

5 drachmae

One pound of salt or silver

10 drachmae

One square yard of silk, or one cow

15 drachmae

One pound of saffron or cloves, or one ox

100 drachmae


6,000 drachmae