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Racial Traits
+2STR, -1DEX, +1CON, -1CHA, +4SIZ
Craft (any) +10%, Sense +10%, Perception -10%
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Half-giants are rare creatures, born of an ancient mixed lineage of giants and humans, or a more recent forced union in the wild lands. In either case, a half-giant’s upbringing is rarely a happy one, as they are tolerated for their usefulness and shown little love. Those half-giants that do manage to survive to adulthood with their sanity intact are solitary creatures, putting their muscles to use while understanding that most civilized folk will give them a wide berth. The half-giant much prefers the country to the city, where urban architecture rarely accommodates their bulk. Half-giant have miserable tempers and are quick to anger, but those that show one kindness will never have a more loyal friend. They are sometimes seen as shock troops or champions in the armies of regions with ties to giant-kind.

Physical Description: Standing over eight feet tall, half-giants are the largest of the common races, with males slightly taller and heavier than females. Their size makes them imposing but slow to react. Their skin ranges from nearly complete black to a deep tan, while their hair is almost always black. Their eyes typically range from blue to green, but a fair number have red eyes, making them stand out against other races. From a distance, a half-giant can pass as a large human, and many ancient legends about extraordinarily large human warriors probably referred to half-giants.

Society: Half-giants are generally solitary creatures, although some do find solace with fellow half-bloods. Most half-giants born into giant communities are too frail in such instances to live very long. Other half-giants are raised in human communities but rarely treated as an equal, beyond their use for physical power. They usually take on the society that they were born into and sometimes take pride in their special place in society.

Relations: Half-giants get along with humans who find their strength useful for labor and military purposes. The smaller races tend to be intimidated by half-giants and the feeling is mutual; half-giants fear that gnomes or halflings will play tricks on them or steal their stuff. Half-giants don’t enjoy the company of elves or half-elves, as they often have the beauty, grace, and acceptance that was denied to the half-giant. Half-giants tend to shun dwarves, as they do not fit into the Montigeni’s pristine, elegant world vision.

Alignment and Religion: A half-giant tends to follow the same religions as does the human or giant community in which she grew up, usually favoring a deity that favors strength or war. Half-giants tend to be neutral creatures, remaining aloof from society while relying on others for needed supplies, offering their strength in return.

Adventurers: For the obvious reasons, half-giants gravitate toward the non-lawful martial classes, such as the barbarian and fighter. Half-giants usually lack the temperament to be monks, paladins, or rangers. While generally not spellcasters, half-giant shamans, sorcerers, and warlocks are not unknown.