Creating a character in Achaea can start with a well-rounded concept or a roll of the dice. It is crucial to remember that the statistics created here serve only as a functional backbone and creative jumping-off point for "who" your character is. Bringing your character to life with an interesting backstory, lifestyle and personality is always more important than the specific numbers that make up their stats.

Some basic rules and reminders during character creation:

  • No skill may be higher than 75% before character creation is complete. This means that you may need to break up chunks of percentiles received at various steps.
  • Does your character concept not fit the rules (like a barbarian king who also practices magic)? If your DM agrees that it makes sense in your case, go for it!
  • Can't find an appropriate background, occupation or skill for what you want to do? Confer with your DM and make up your own!
  • You may run into the phrase "Pick # from:” in the background and occupation steps. You are not required to choose any of the following skills, but rather are limited to the listed number. For example — "Pick 2 from: Lore[nature], Craft[bows], Engineering" means you can choose no more than two of the three skills, but may elect to pick one or even none of them.

1. Roll CharacteristicsEdit

Roll 3d6 six times and assign the highest five for STR, DEX, CON, CHA & PSY - Roll 2d6+6 three times and assign the highest two for for SIZ & INT

2. Choose RaceEdit

Modify characteristics, derive derived attributes, and note skill bonuses and skill category bonuses

3. Choose BackgroundEdit

10 skills: 3 x +20%, 7 x +10%

4. Choose OccupationEdit

Skills 2 x +50%, 2 x +40%, 4 x +25% OR 200pts

5. Choose Personal skillsEdit

60 + INTx5 pts (100-150)

Experienced CharactersEdit

Some characters have been adventuring for years or are simply older and wiser than their peers. At the DM's discretion, a character may be awarded additional personal skill points to represent their expanded knowledge.

130 + 200 = 330 + 100-150 = 430-480 skill points