Centaurs are a powerful bestial people, but their tribal societies rarely embrace greater learning or technology.
Racial Traits
+1STR, -2INT, -2PSY, +2SIZ, +2MOV Special SIZ rules: +2SIZ changes to +18SIZ for Weight, Encumbrance, Escape artist and Stealth rules.
Cudgel +10%, Teach +10%
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Centaurs are an aloof but vivacious race of half-horse, half-men who hunt and revel across the wild lands and fringes of civilization. The centaurs’ origins are ancient and closely related to the fey spirits of nature, and they often form a protective bond with the natural realm and spirits in the lands they frequent. Their unruly, shortsighted nature and primitive tribal culture is seen as barbaric or even savage by other races. The centaurs are indeed slow coming to terms with the modern world. A history of conflict does divide the centaurs and civilized humanoids, but individual communities usually find common ground for peace and mutual respect. Centaurs are quick to rowdy joviality with their allies, but they can be fierce, deadly combatants if angered.

Physical Description: Centaurs vary widely in appearance, their skin tones typically appearing deeply tanned but similar to the humans who occupy nearby regions, while their lower bodies borrow the colorations of local equines. Centaur hair and eyes trend toward darker colors and their features tend to be broad, while the overall bulk of their bodies is influenced by the size of the horses their lower quarters resemble. Thus, while an average centaur stands over 7 feet tall and weights upward of 2,000 pounds, there are vast regional variations—from lean plains-runners to burly mountain hunters.

Society: Centaur culture is rooted in a nomadic, insular tribal structure that seeks harmony with nature and its fey spirits. Centaurs are characterized by a strong passion for simple, carefree pleasures and warm companionship. They rarely find interest in ‘civilized’ pursuits. Their wisdom, however, is renown and those centaurs with capacity for knowledge become great lorekeepers and sought-after tutors for fated youth.

Relations: Centaurs have long dwelt in the wilds near the civilizations of humans and dwarves, they regard these races as distrustful and pompous. They are curious but hesitant with elves and halflings, though they sometimes pay no heed to the diminutive smallfolk at all. Centaurs connect easily with the fey-blooded gnomes, respecting their shared heritage and jovial nature, if not their strength or size. Regardless of race, centaurs enjoy happy, easygoing folk who make merry.

Alignment and Religion: Centaurs are usually passionate and proud, with a general lack of inhibitions. However, they do maintain a reverence for their surroundings and traditions, usually worshipping individual spirits and demigods of nature. Most centaurs are chaotic good or chaotic neutral.

Adventurers: Centaurs are generally curious and used to a life of danger (as their culture exists in the wilds), so adventuring is not an unnatural transition for them, great hunters and warriors chiefly. However, their insular culture typically denounces those who abandon their tribe, especially those who embrace a ‘civilized’ lifestyle.